www.UliMuellerConsultancy.com unites of the two things I am most passionate about:
my love for fashion and the gratification I get from consulting.

The company is based in Frankfurt, Germany, but my clients are all over the world. No matter which of my services you decide on – Premium Personal Shopping, Fashion Concierge or Styling – it is my heartfelt wish to provide you with excellence.

About me:

After my formal business education, more than 20 years of working inside exclusive labels like Gucci, Chanel and Versace rewarded me with invaluable experience from diverse positions in purchasing, sales and management.

During prolonged stays abroad in New York and London, as well as many trips to the fashion capitals of the world, my tightknit net of contacts in the fashion industry grew continuously. In addition, I personally experienced what a modern cosmopolitan needs: a wardrobe that keeps up with her international lifestyle.

My mission:

Supporting every woman in uncovering her core values, her individuality and her own magnificent beauty. Discovering the quintessential you and best expressing it, is the secret to truly finding your unique style. It is not a quick fix, but a process. As your body and mind develop, your personal style evolves. Therefore, I often provide my services to clients over many years. Each phase of your life can be an invitation to experience something special: opening your closet and finding nothing but favourites.

Premium Personal Shopping

Fashion passes; style remains.
Coco Chanel

Style Consulting

Style is a matter of attentiveness and the art of taking yourself seriously. Developing your style, means first getting to know yourself. At the beginning of my consultation I ask a lot of questions: How do you see yourself? What would you like to express? Which accessories or pieces of wardrobe have so far been able to best match your personality?

It is my goal to develop a feel-good wardrobe for you, completely in harmony with your character and current lifestyle. Before creating your new look, we initially assess what is presently in your closet. „Express yourself“ does not mean: attracting attention at any cost. Flat lace-up shoes are as exciting as high heels, when they perfectly convey your style. What is important is the whole picture, from your handbag to the look in your eyes.

Yet, skilful breaks in style provide sophistication with every appearance.

Discover what makes you unique. And then live the look! Let me be your guide on this exciting and fun path of self-exploration

Fashion Adventure

Occasionally life benefits from a bit of Rock’n’Roll, your look needs a glamour-update, and the mind visual and intellectual stimulation. Are you eager to experience the adventure of fashion with all your senses? Let’s go shopping in London, Dubai, New York – or any other destination that inspires you.

I will be your personal guide, strolling along the most exciting international shopping capitals, and together we will discover the most exclusive high fashion destinations and the heavenly places where international trend scouts find their inspiration.

Our theme: entering new territories. Destination unknown. The result: Moments of bliss with long-term effects. And a wardrobe refined with by a delightful Fundamental Chic.

Fashion Concierge

A handbag should evoke the same feelings in a woman,
as the favourite toy for a child.

Gabriele Strehle

Beautiful things are the ingredients of a beautiful life. Hermés’ Kelly Bag, Yves Saint Laurent’s le smoking or a pair of high heels by Christian Louboutin: there are objects that perfectly sum up a person’s style. Tracking down these special pieces is my passion.

You don’t have the time or leisure to check out your favourite designers’ new collections scouting for the trends that suit you best? I will present a selection of outfits to match your style, all in the comfort of your home.

You would like to update your look with this season’s key piece – but the sought after must-have is sold out? You are admired for your good taste, have a large circle of friends, and would love five identical pieces of a limited edition handbag in high demand? Thanks to my expertise and extensive connections I will locate your personal highlights and find what you love.


That “certain something” is aptly named,
because nobody can put in words what it really means.
But if a look is classy, you’ll know it at first glance.

The secret is to observe the mainstream from a distance and see trends as suggestions, not requirements. A successful style is based on an expressive personality. Producing this magic touch for my clients is my specialty:



  • Creating the perfect style at photo productions for international fashion magazines,
  • Composing red-carpet-looks for TV and movie celebrities,
  • Developing character outfits for actors in movie and TV productions or
  • The subtle seduction of the reader of print or online fashion catalogues.

My credo:
friction causes tension.

Often one realizes: seemingly impossible to coordinate items suddenly look like they were meant for each other.
Surprising and memorable impressions are the result.


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